• Server:
    • Added .storeit command. (Reboot needed) - Put everything not equipped into storage.

    New Serversoftware:
    • *Added new atcommand: @storeit.
      -Put everything not equipped into storage.
      -This was found on rAthena. I think this is a better version of @storeall, so I added it in.
    • *Added some new status IDs.
    • *Added Ranger Trap only related skills.
      -Icebound and Firing Trap deals neutral damage to enemy based on official info.
      -Clusterbomb is a MiSC type of attack same to Icebound and Firing Trap.
      -Applied Clusterbomb, Firing, Icebound damage formula based of official info from iROwiki.
    • *Updated some db files
    • *Added Sorcerer and Genetic Skills.
      - Fire Expansion Lv1-4 still being worked on.
      - A few skill formulas and damage increments based on base level are custom.
      - Sling Item, Change Material, Special Pharmacy not included.
      - Cast times and cooldowns are also custom. I'll update those later.
    • * Initialized Shadow Chaser's skills implementation. Started with SC_TRIANGLESHOT.
      -Added pre Support for these skills.
      -Added full support for these Skills. However some formulas may be outdated. ^^

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