• Server:
    • Some ItemDB Updates & fixes
    • Changed some more monsters to fit pre-renewal sytem

    New Serversoftware:
    • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 469 - 473
      -Note: skipped changes on Rune Knight Runes, I'll need to redo some stuff there...
    • *Updated Orleans's Server's combo script.
    • *Added missing cooking items so Material Seller.
    • *Added official Card Trader NPC "Putty".
    • *Added full support for freeloop script command.
      -Toggling this to enabled (1) allows the script instance to bypass the infinite loop protection, allowing your script to loop as much as it may need.
      -"Putty" is the first NPC to use this script command, but more will follow I guess...
    • *Some updates on ItemDB
      -Added full support for IP_Bgrade_Pocket
    • *Changed some more monsters to fix pre-renewal sytem
    • *Fixed an issue where Asura crashes when used.
    • *Fixed a server crash when a mob uses SR_CURSEDCIRCLE.
    • *Fixed produce_db.txt where some required items in GN_MAKEBOMB were switched.

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