• Server:
    • Fixed som monster skills.
    • Added Cute Strawberry Coco to Tool Dealer in Brasilis

    New Serversoftware:
    • *Some updates & fixes in ItemDB.
      -Fixed Ur's Plate DEF & MDEF.
      -Also fixed STR-Bonus of King Dramoh Card.
    • *Fixed a linker warning if compiled with VS 2012.
    • *Changed 'tick' variables to 64 bit
      -This fixes an issue with timers that stop working after about 24-49 days when the tick overflows (note that this may happen much earlier than that, and at hard to predict times, on some systems)
      -Updated the RDTSC help message in the configure script to also warn users about issues with SpeedStep enabled systems.
      -On Windows, tick() still has a resolution of 10~15ms (or even as low as 100ms on some systems).
      -Note: on Windows versions earlier than 6.x (Vista, Server 2008), the tick overflow issue is NOT fixed, since they don't support the function used to retrieve a 64 bit tick. This isn't a big issue, since
      those platforms are already - or going soon to be - out of their extended support period, and it's already advisable to upgrade, for other reasons. If you're the unfortunate user of such a system, it is
      recommended that you reboot your machine at least once every 49 days for 15-3athena to work reliably.
      -Note: To clear some doubts, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with 32/64 bit CPUs or OSes. It's all about a variable's size, not the size of registers of your CPU, and a 32bit CPU will be able to handle this just
      -Thanks to @HerculesWS.
    • *Fixed & updated item_package system.
      -Random items will now drop randomly.
      -all items are identified.
      -added a new flag: isAnnounced.
      --Setting this to 1, will broadcast this item if dropped.
      --also added full support for ZC_BROADCASTING_SPECIAL_ITEM_OBTAIN. This is needed to broadcast this drop. A 2009-12-01aRagexeRE or newer is required for this packet.

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