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    Hello, i would like to invite you to join a toplist for the RO community that is growing fantastic at the moment. ratemyro.net You can add your RO server to the list and start receiving votes, voting STATS in and out reset on the rankings once every 30 days returning it to ZERO to make sure all sites have a fair chance every month. Voting is also once every 12 hours per IP and uses reCAPTCHA to prevent bots accumulating votes. When registering you can add the following to your listing; - Website URL - Server Title - Description - Tags / Keywords - Category - Banner - Server Rates - Languages Spoken - Player Commands - Upto 4 Screenshots - Add YouTube Video You can also have the ability to show your server status, online or offline (Optional) so viewers can see the status of your server and there is an radio button to select if you want it showing in the rankings list. Something new and unique with RateMyRO.net, you are able to also show how many players are currently online and your server peak. This is also Optional. Also you can show viewers if your server uses the Renewal Mechanics and if you have 3rd Class Implemented. Once registered you get 2 types of links codes, one to generate votes and one to locate people to your stats page where they can leave reviews to hopefully encourage other RO players to come join your server. You are also able to reply to reviews if you think one is unfair and you want to give your opinion or even just to say thanks to the players reviewing your server. BEST OF ALL, EVERYTHING IS FREE!, NO FEES, NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS, FREE PREMIUM FEATURES FOR LIFE! PS - You can also watch all 26 episodes of Ragnarok the Animation (Anime) free, this is whats driving traffic to the RO community. ratemyro.net/page/Ragnarok_The_Animation/ We hope to see your server listed via RateMyRO.net in the near furture, and goodluck with your server. Kind Regards, RateMyRO Admin ratemyro.net

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    Ich bräuchte Aktivierungsvorgang abschliessen, ich krieg keine mail, um es selbst machen zu können ;)

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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)