Angepinnt Bilder vom neuen Server

    • Kein Screen atm, dafür ein paar News:
      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 618 - 620
      • *Added Biolab Gear Exchange NPC.
      • *Updated the elemental_db and set many settings to official.
        -This update fixes many problems, like attack, skill, and view range.
        -This also adds official property elements, movement speed, and size scales.
        -HP/SP, ATK, stats, DEF/MDEF, etc. are all temporarly as these values are mainly different depending on the summoner stats upon summoning.
      • *Updated EP 13.3 equips to (nearly) official. Lacking support for 1 or 2 bonus script in the source.
      • *Updated all FAW monsters settings to official.
        -Skills still needs to be worked on.
        -Updated test elemental spirit entry to be more official.
      • *Updated all elemental spirits offensive skills ratio's to official.
      • *Added support for the ALL_CATCRY and ALL_DREAM_SUMMERNIGHT.
        -The items that give these skills can be found at the bottom in item_db2.
      • *Major update to the skill_cast_db.
        -Some skills have a 100% fixed cast time and is added to the skill_castnodex_db.
        -Also added some settings for other skills.

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    • Leider hatte ich ne Weile recht wenig Zeit, hier die letzten Changes:

      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 621
      • *Some random updates on item & monster dbs.
        -Added some missing item drops.
        -Added missing item-combo-scripts to RWC accessories.
      • *Updated effect_list document, added propper skill names.
      • *Updated Merchant, Mage and Wizard Job Quests to fix some issues.
        -Thanks to rAthena.
      • *Added support for official GM NPCs.
        -Now we can use them, but most of them are disabled inside their scripts for now.
        -Thanks to rAthena.

      Spoiler-Alarm -> Sobald ich das Battleground Queue Feature (an dem ich zur Zeit arbeite) abgeschlossen habe, werden die Weichen auf einen neueren Clienten (erneut) gestellt =)

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    • Wieder einmal ein paar changes:

      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 629
      • *Some updates & fixes in ItemDB.
        -mooved some stable items to item_db.
      • *Some Rebellion related updates.
        -The jobs are not aviable right now. I added this stuff only to do some testing for my life-server.
        -Added Rebellion Shops.
        -Added missing Rebellion-related items.
      • *Minor cleanups.
      • *SR_RIDEINLIGHTNING damage bonus on Wind elemental weapon adjusted to official value.
      • *Reflect damage should no longer bypass nonshootable mapcells.
      • *Leech End's cast interrupt no longer bypass phen.
      • *Hells Plant disappear when a friendly unit steps on it.

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    • 2015 ragexeRE client testing...
      • screen15-3athena113.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena114.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena115.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena116.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena117.jpg

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