• ZeroServal

    was das löschen von chars angeht, am besten übern control pannel machen. der client hat diesbezüglich probleme, aber ka wieso

  • keso

    Vielen dank

  • Drakester

    .go 0 eingeben dann kommst du zur maintown

  • keso

    Hi Admin, mit Maintown ist Prontera gemeint ?

  • Kuro

    Hallo Keso, in der Maintown gibt es einen Job-Change NPC der deinen Monk auf lvl 99/50 einen Rebirth vollziehen lässt ^^. Schau mal nach. Du musst hier nicht extra irgendeine Rebirth Quest machen.

  • keso

    Hi Admin, ich bräuchte mal bitte hilfe. Ich kann keinen Char löschen ohne das deletion passwort und ich kriege meinen Monk icht zum Champion. Ich war schon in yuno beim Buch und es teleportiert mich nirgends hin. Muss ich vllt irgendwo eine Quest annhemen ?

  • 15peaces

    am besten melde dich mal ingame bei mir, dann kann ich da mal nachsehen...

  • 15peaces

    ich hab das gerade mal geprüft, bei mir gehen die auf max 130 o.o

  • Gast#d95d

    Ich schreibe zum ersten mal im Forum blicke da noch nicht so durch, weil es hies die Bugs sollen im Forum gepostet werden. Der Expanded Super als normaler nicht als Baby, kann seine werte nicht höher als Base Stat 117 machen. Normalerweise konnte der auch höher staten im original :(

  • 15peaces

    Hallo, Welt, neue Shoutbox! :kitty:

  • Server:

    • *Added the "charmball" command.
      +It allows you to summon the Kagerou/Oboro charm spheres and select a type.
    • *Recoded the charm sphere system.
      +Its now refered to as charms or charmballs.
      +This allows a more proper way of controling the charm types and how to apply their effects. A number of bugs and issues has also been fixed with this recode.
    • *Fixed a issue where having more then 127 DEF/MDEF of equips equipped would cause a overflow and bring the DEF value below negeative, bypassing the "max_def" setting.
    • *Fixed a issue where DEF/MDEF increases through status's would allow DEF/MDEF to go past 99. This is now capped to what the "max_def" config setting is set to.
    • *Updated the packet's sent for player's that have millennium shields active.
    • *Added the "shieldball"command.
      +It allows you to summon Rune Knight's millennium shield's shield spheres and set the amount of HP for them.
    • *Millennium shield now manages its shields in its own unqie sphere system.
      +They are refered to as shieldball and are handled this way since this is how its officially handled and allows better handling of its animation packets. Tho it still needs a server side status ID to signal when its active.
    • *Added the "millennium_shield_health" config to the skill config file.
    • *Huge number of NPC & Database updates. (Thanks to @HerculesWS)
      -Lot's of possible bug fixes and stuff.
      -Updated Airship NPCs to official.
      -Fixed Izlude RE warps.
      -Fixed issue in niflheim quest where the script set a variable not related to the quest at all.
      -Added 'disable_items' to all applicable scripts.
      -Optimized quests/quests_moscovia.txt.
      -Corrected multiple dialog issues in okolnir quests.
      -Moved all NPC's and Warps around to match the new Izlude Town Map.
      -Updated Tutorial quests.
      -Fixed check quest in Brasilis puppy quest.
    • *Added an integer overflow check on literal values in the script parser
      -When attempting to use a value greater than INT_MAX or smaller than INT_MIN (about +/- 2 billions), an error message will be shown and script execution will be aborted.
      -Corrected some scripts that were attempting to use such values.
      -Fixed some possible issues when using literal negative values in scripts.
      -Thanks to @HerculesWS for the base.
    • *Added MOBID enum.
    • *Did some updates in the item database.
    • *KO_KAHU_ENTEN// Fire Charm; KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI// Ice Charm; KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN// Wind Charm; KO_DOHU_KOUKAI// Earth Charm
      +Fixed a issue where having 10 charms wouldn't allow you to summon a different type.
      +Fixed a issue where in certain cases your weapon would still have the charms element even if you don't have 10 charms active anymore.
      +Charms now give a element resistance to the element that of the summoned charms.
      -Resistance: 2% * Charm Count. This does not reduce resistance to other elements.
      +Having 10 or more charms now changes the weapon element directly to the element of the charm instead of endowing the weapon with a element change.
      +Damage increase from fire charms for Crimson Fire Formation updated to 10% per charm.
      +Weapon ATK increase from earth charms updated to 10% per charm.
      +Recoded the skill.
      +Kyrie, Parry, and Auto Guard now take higher priority over the shields.
      +Recoded the skill.
      +The FLEE/ASPD reductions now apply to all targets no matter what skills are learned.
      +Now has a small chance of giving the super gloomy status.
      -The super gloomy status reduces movement speed by 50% and dismounts the player from its peco/gryphin/dragon. Does not dismount player's from warg or mado.
      +Now increase the damage of certain skills properly.
      -The formula for how much the damage is increased and how its applied is now official.
    • *Fixed AL_HOLYWATER behavior.
      -Holy Water should not cast or consume SP when the player has no empty bottles, both in water (and water skills) and outside water.
      -Thanks to @rathena!
    • *Updated Cultivation plant spawn formula
      -Corrected level 2 Cultivation formula for spawning plants.
      -Thanks to @rathena!