• Server:
    • *Added the "charmball" command.
      +It allows you to summon the Kagerou/Oboro charm spheres and select a type.
    • *Recoded the charm sphere system.
      +Its now refered to as charms or charmballs.
      +This allows a more proper way of controling the charm types and how to apply their effects. A number of bugs and issues has also been fixed with this recode.
    • *Fixed a issue where having more then 127 DEF/MDEF of equips equipped would cause a overflow and bring the DEF value below negeative, bypassing the "max_def" setting.
    • *Fixed a issue where DEF/MDEF increases through status's would allow DEF/MDEF to go past 99. This is now capped to what the "max_def" config setting is set to.
    • *Updated the packet's sent for player's that have millennium shields active.
    • *Added the "shieldball"command.
      +It allows you to summon Rune Knight's millennium shield's shield spheres and set the amount of HP for them.
    • *Millennium shield now manages its shields in its own unqie sphere system.
      +They are refered to as shieldball and are handled this way since this is how its officially handled and allows better handling of its animation packets. Tho it still needs a server side status ID to signal when its active.
    • *Added the "millennium_shield_health" config to the skill config file.
    • *Huge number of NPC & Database updates. (Thanks to @HerculesWS)
      -Lot's of possible bug fixes and stuff.
      -Updated Airship NPCs to official.
      -Fixed Izlude RE warps.
      -Fixed issue in niflheim quest where the script set a variable not related to the quest at all.
      -Added 'disable_items' to all applicable scripts.
      -Optimized quests/quests_moscovia.txt.
      -Corrected multiple dialog issues in okolnir quests.
      -Moved all NPC's and Warps around to match the new Izlude Town Map.
      -Updated Tutorial quests.
      -Fixed check quest in Brasilis puppy quest.
    • *Added an integer overflow check on literal values in the script parser
      -When attempting to use a value greater than INT_MAX or smaller than INT_MIN (about +/- 2 billions), an error message will be shown and script execution will be aborted.
      -Corrected some scripts that were attempting to use such values.
      -Fixed some possible issues when using literal negative values in scripts.
      -Thanks to @HerculesWS for the base.
    • *Added MOBID enum.
    • *Did some updates in the item database.
    • *KO_KAHU_ENTEN// Fire Charm; KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI// Ice Charm; KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN// Wind Charm; KO_DOHU_KOUKAI// Earth Charm
      +Fixed a issue where having 10 charms wouldn't allow you to summon a different type.
      +Fixed a issue where in certain cases your weapon would still have the charms element even if you don't have 10 charms active anymore.
      +Charms now give a element resistance to the element that of the summoned charms.
      -Resistance: 2% * Charm Count. This does not reduce resistance to other elements.
      +Having 10 or more charms now changes the weapon element directly to the element of the charm instead of endowing the weapon with a element change.
      +Damage increase from fire charms for Crimson Fire Formation updated to 10% per charm.
      +Weapon ATK increase from earth charms updated to 10% per charm.
      +Recoded the skill.
      +Kyrie, Parry, and Auto Guard now take higher priority over the shields.
      +Recoded the skill.
      +The FLEE/ASPD reductions now apply to all targets no matter what skills are learned.
      +Now has a small chance of giving the super gloomy status.
      -The super gloomy status reduces movement speed by 50% and dismounts the player from its peco/gryphin/dragon. Does not dismount player's from warg or mado.
      +Now increase the damage of certain skills properly.
      -The formula for how much the damage is increased and how its applied is now official.
    • *Fixed AL_HOLYWATER behavior.
      -Holy Water should not cast or consume SP when the player has no empty bottles, both in water (and water skills) and outside water.
      -Thanks to @rathena!
    • *Updated Cultivation plant spawn formula
      -Corrected level 2 Cultivation formula for spawning plants.
      -Thanks to @rathena!

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