• Server:
    • *party_sub_count_banding; skill_banding_count
      +Added these functions.
      +These functions calculate the banding count for the number of Royal Guards in banding around the caster, as well as the average HP of the banding group, sets the HP for each banding player, and maxes out the rage spheres for those in banding with force of vanguard active when requirements are met.
    • *Made the code for chorus count checks more efficent.
    • *The "use_renewal_statpoints" config is renamed to "renewal_stats_handling".
      +The function of the config is still the same. Just want to name to better reflect what it does. It is also now on by default for balance reasons.
      -This might change some statpoint calculations!
      -You'll get less statpoints per level now!
      -Note: with the new maxlevel 160 -> 175 you got 540 new statpoints. With this balance update I'll remove 267 of them.
    • *The following battle config settings defaults are changed....
      +max_homunculus_parameter: Changed from 150 to 175.
      +max_aspd_renewal_jobs: Changed from 190 to 193.
      +max_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 120 to 130.
      +max_baby_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 108 to 117.
      +base_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 150 to 175.
      +job_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 50 to 60.
      -These are the latest official limits for players (RE Era Jobs) and homunculus.
    • *Added full support for questinfo script-command
      -Thanks to rAthena for the base.
    • *Fixed an issue where carts and rental mounts (and maybe other stuff) won't be displayed until client is refreshed.
    • *Corrected the max level for CG_MOONLIT in the skill database.
    • *Updated the exp_homun file with official exp tables for up to level 175.
    • *Updated the statpoint_renewal file with official stat point values for levels up to 175.
    • *Added Shadow Gears to database.
    • *Chorus Skills
      +The chorus count check is now limited to counting Minstrel's/Wanderer's that are within a 31x31 AoE around the player casting a chorus skill.
      +Recoded the skill.
      +The AoE's of each Royal Guard now work seprate from each other.
      +The main 7x7 AoE that moves around with the caster now only affects enemies and gives the status that reduces movement speed. The status is removed if the enemy moves out of the AoE or the AoE vanishes. This AoE doesn't require banding with other's to make it work. It will work for a player alone.
      +A 2nd AoE is now used with the skill which generates a 7x7 splash AoE around the caster every 5 seconds to check for other Royal Guards near the player that are also in banding status and are in the same party. This is when the stored banding count is updated, along with the caster's ATK/DEF and also calculates the HP share.
      +Fixed a issue where the element didn't turn to holy when banding requirement's were met.
      +Now maxes out the rage sphere's for all in banding when the banding count is 7.
      +Bonus effects no longer stack.
    • *Renewal Era Jobs (Jobs introduced during RE era)
      +The following caps have been increased....
      -Base Level: 175
      -Job Level: 60 (Except for Summoners)
      -Max Base Stats: 130 (117 for Babys)
      -Max ASPD: 193
      +Stat bonuses for job levels 51 to 60 have been added.
    • *Mutated Homunculus
      +The following caps have been increased....
      -Base Level: 175
      -Max Stats: 175
    • *Fixed a issue where mutated homunculus were getting a extra skill point.

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