• Nyan

    Guten Abend, muss leider die Verlosung aus dem Adventskalender noch einmal verschieben. Morgen am 09.12 um 20 Uhr bei .go 15

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  • Kyrri

    Kann sich jemand auf dem OS Server einloggen? Bei mir geht es aktuell nämlich scheinbar nicht :o

  • 15peaces

    Vielen Dank für die Review! :kitty:

  • Kyrri

    RMS Bewertung ist geschrieben :)

  • Amani

    waffe+card in die tasche und dann doppelklick auf die card, dann müsste es dir weiteres anzeigen

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    wie kann ich karten einsetzen in waffen

  • Gast#9a3f

    kann mir wer helfen?

  • 15peaces

    Oder hast du irgend ein Audiogerät angeschlossen, wofür du keine Treiber installiert hast?

  • 15peaces

    Evtl. Probleme mit dem Soundtreiber?

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    Huhu ich wollte mir gerade das Spiel runter laden und jetzt nach dem Patch kommt Audio System failes :/ woran liegt das ?

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    ah, ok super ^^

  • beck

    richtig, aber das problem habe ich gelöst, Lösung schon im Thread drinnen.

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    kommt zusätzlich auch die Meldung "Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem" ?

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    bin neu, wollte das spiel starten, geht aber nicht, fehlermeldung, Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "miniDumpWriteDump" wurdde in der DLL "dbghelp.dll" nichit gefunden

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    irgendwer hier der mir helfen kann

  • Dani

    gude ^^

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  • La Luna

    also er sollte bei umbala 107/285 sein und da ist nix auf der map ein roter Punkt wo nix ist außer grün

  • Nyan

    Bin dran, hab aber auch nix gefunden^^‘ am Wochenende war leider doch viel los

  • Server:

    • *Started work on Summoners.
      +Now that we have plenty of official info we can resume work on them.
    • *Added the "skill_summoner_power" function.
      +This function is used to check if the player has any of the "POWEROF...." skills and then check if 20 or more skill points are invested into the part of the skill tree related to it.
    • *renewal_casting_square_calc; renewal_casting_square_debug
      +Added these config settings in.
      -renewal_casting_square_calc controls if square root (official) or simple calculations will be used when calculating variable cast times.
      -The debug one forces square root calculations on and shows debug info in the map server console.
      -We now use square root calculations by default.
    • *Added "INF2_BOOST_PASSIVE" skillinfo2 setting.
      -This is used for active skills that passively boost the effects of passive skills. This is needed to make the server recalculate a player's sub-stats just like it does when learning a passive skill.
    • *Cleaned up and optimized some code.
    • *Added all the latest tags and ID's for jobs, skills, status, and NPC's.
    • *Added new unit tag and ID.
    • *Added the soul energy system.
      +This system is used for managing the Soul Reaper's soul energy.
      -Its basicly another sphere system. Its been confirmed that soul energy sphere's works on its own system and not through any other sphere system.
    • *Added the "hatereset" and "soulball" command.
    • *Added ranges of styles/dyes for Doram's.
      -This is a range seprate from the regular ones since Doram's officially have a different set number of hair styles and cloth dyes. As of 2018-06-05 they have 6 hair styles, 8 hair dyes, and no cloth dyes (tho kRO says their will be a few added soon).
    • *min_doram_hair_style; max_doram_hair_style; min_doram_hair_color; max_doram_hair_color; min_doram_cloth_color; max_doram_cloth_color
      +Added these configs to the client config file.
      -These are a seprate set of style/dye ranges for Doram characters.
      -This is needed since they have different maxes from humans.
    • *Updated a few commands to pickup on the style/dye ranges for Doram characters.
    • *Updated default setting for "max_hair_style" to 29.
    • *Corrected default setting for "max_hair_color" to 8.
    • *Added job restriction system.
      +This allows setting restrictions to different jobs that prevent's them from entering certain maps. Attempts of entering a map as a banned job will just result in no warpping. Basicly, something as simple as walking into a regular map warp won't do anything if the player's job is banned from entering the map.
      -This works for teleporting, warping, any warp commands, walking into NPC warp, put something else here and it will likely fail as well.
      -Should a player playing a job banned from that map somehow login on that map, the player will be warped out into Prontera's graveyard behind the church.
      -These restrictions can be set in the "job_notallowed" database file.
    • *Changed the packet used for displaying homunculus spirit spheres to ZC_SPIRIT.
      +Added support for these packets.
    • *Added the "status_sc2icon" function.
    • *Recoded the system that displays status animations for renewal era status's.
      +Status's that were added in during the renewal era don't use OPT3 for resending animation display's to other player's clients around you. Instead they are displayed with a seprate packet called EFST_SET_ENTER.
      +This recode get rid of those 2 huge walls of code that was just temp code and replaces them with much much smaller and more efficent code, along with the adding of support for this packet. This makes it so I don't have to add anything to it when it comes to new skills. The recode also allows these animations to be shown on monsters and homunculus that come into view of a player.
    • *Added support for the 2018-06-20eRagexeRE client.
      +This is the recommended client for those wanting to support the Star Emperor and Soul Reaper jobs.
      -we will however not use this client for now, since not all features are coded in yet.
    • *Fixed a issue where double attacking changes was 1% lower then they should be.
    • *Fixed a issue where some status's from Shadow Chaser skills were dispellable.
    • *Updated all the Summoner skill entrys in the skill_db to get them prepared for coding in future updates.
    • *Added the catnip fruit item.
    • *Some cleaning in item databases.
    • *Added place holders for many new skills.
    • *Updated const file to support detection of new style/dye ranges for Doram characters in NPC scripts.
    • *Added the "job_notallowed" file.
      -This file is used to set jobs that are banned from entering certain maps.
      -It basicly works just like item_noequip and skill_nocast_db.
    • *Updated the hit counts to official for some skills to prepare for coding.
    • *Summoner; Baby Summoner
      +Updated the MaxHP to be more official.
      -The set HPFactor and HPMultiplicator settings along with a small boost in the source allowed us to get it nearly perfect like on official, but because renewal handles things differently its not possible to do here. But its close enough.
      +The job exp table was redone to act more like official.
      -In official, Summoner's have a job exp table thats a mix of regular 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job exp tables. We use a table with the same behavior using pre-renewal exp values.
      +Updated all variable cast, fixed cast, aftercast, cooldown, and durations for all skills with official times.
    • *Star Emperor; Soul Reaper; Baby Star Emperor; Baby Soul Reaper
      +Added support for these jobs.
      +These jobs are fully playable.
    • *Soul Reaper
      +Added soul energy requirements to all skills.
    • *Star Emperor
      +Added stance requirements to all skills.
    • *Star Emperor
      Soul Reaper
      +Added all official variable cast, fixed cast, aftercast, and cooldowns for all of the skills for these jobs. Durations are mostly confirmed official but more testing is needed to get them all.
    • *Updated the Jobchanger scripts to support Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, and their baby versions.
      -Note: They are disabled for now until client support for them is more stable.
    • *All renewal era skills will now have their variable cast times calculated through a square root calculation. This is the way official server's handles the reduction of variable cast times. This can be disabled to go back to the previous simple calculations used before by turning off the "renewal_casting_square_calc" setting if desired.
    • *Enabled access to all skills for Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, and new Arch Bishop skills. Range, target type, max level, and sp requirements are official.
      +Updated to remove the BITESCAR (Scar of Tarou) status.
      +Corrected the durations on the different status's it can give.
    • *SU_BITE
      +Updated the handling of the animation.
      +Now deals more damage on enemy's with HP below a certain percentage of MaxHP.
      +Now has a chance of double casting depending on the caster's base level.
      +Updated the handling of the animation.
      +Now has a chance of giving the bleeding status.
      +Now has a chance of double casting depending on the caster's base level.
    • *SU_HIDE
      +Updated the SP requirement.
      +Added support for these skills.
      -Note: Scar of Tarou's status doesn't deal damage at the moment but its effect on double damage from Scar of Tarou does work.
      +Now increases ranged physical damage.
      -This increase only works on Summoners.
      +Fixed a issue where the skill would deal extremely high damage on targets with negeative DEF.
      +Updated to work on new Soul Reaper soul links.
      +Added support for these skills.
    • *KO_SETSUDAN (Soul Cutter)
      +Updated to work on new Soul Reaper soul links.
      +Added official timer data.
      +Fixed a issue where the duration would restart when the skill is casted while the status is active.
      +Added support for these skills.
      -Note: The bonus 100% fire damage for Prominence Kick currently doesn't work.
      -This will be added later.