• Nyan

    Guten Abend, muss leider die Verlosung aus dem Adventskalender noch einmal verschieben. Morgen am 09.12 um 20 Uhr bei .go 15

  • Gast#0c8b


  • Kyrri

    Kann sich jemand auf dem OS Server einloggen? Bei mir geht es aktuell nämlich scheinbar nicht :o

  • 15peaces

    Vielen Dank für die Review! :kitty:

  • Kyrri

    RMS Bewertung ist geschrieben :)

  • Amani

    waffe+card in die tasche und dann doppelklick auf die card, dann müsste es dir weiteres anzeigen

  • Gast#9a3f

    wie kann ich karten einsetzen in waffen

  • Gast#9a3f

    kann mir wer helfen?

  • 15peaces

    Oder hast du irgend ein Audiogerät angeschlossen, wofür du keine Treiber installiert hast?

  • 15peaces

    Evtl. Probleme mit dem Soundtreiber?

  • Gast#8933

    Huhu ich wollte mir gerade das Spiel runter laden und jetzt nach dem Patch kommt Audio System failes :/ woran liegt das ?

  • 15peaces

    ah, ok super ^^

  • beck

    richtig, aber das problem habe ich gelöst, Lösung schon im Thread drinnen.

  • 15peaces

    kommt zusätzlich auch die Meldung "Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem" ?

  • Gast#9a52

    bin neu, wollte das spiel starten, geht aber nicht, fehlermeldung, Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "miniDumpWriteDump" wurdde in der DLL "dbghelp.dll" nichit gefunden

  • Gast#9a52

    irgendwer hier der mir helfen kann

  • Dani

    gude ^^

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  • La Luna

    also er sollte bei umbala 107/285 sein und da ist nix auf der map ein roter Punkt wo nix ist außer grün

  • Nyan

    Bin dran, hab aber auch nix gefunden^^‘ am Wochenende war leider doch viel los

  • Server:

    • *Applied the Arch Bishop 2018 update.
    • *Fixed the itemlist command to tell if a item is equippled to the ammo slot.
    • *Cleaned and optomized some code.
    • *Now saves guild storage permissions.
      -It only alows setting it but its not yet coded to set if a NPC allows acces or not. This will be coded in a future update.
    • *Added support for the 2nd range of monster ID's.
      -Usable ranges are now 1000-4000 and 20020-24000.
    • *Player clone ID range increased back to 1000 clones max.
      -The range has been moved over to the 2nd monster ID range and now uses ID's 23000-24000.
    • *Added some code for helping with the loading of the 3rd NPC ID range.
    • *Stablized clones for Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion/Star Emperor/Soul Reaper.
    • *changedress; nocosplay
      -Added support for these client commands.
      -These remove body costume outfits like xmas, summer, hanbok, oktoberfest, etc.
    • *Removed some code thats no longer needed.
      -Gravity found a way to prevent client crashes when displaying body costume's while the body style value is set to 1.
    • *Some 2015 client updates, thanks to rathena.
      -Added full support for V6 EquipPackets.
      --some other misc. packet updates.
      -Oneclick Itemidentify Packet Implemented
      --New Feature
      --Request 1 Magnifier when use (ctrl + click right)
    • *Updated the Ancilla item to its new behavior.
    • *Did some updates in the item database.
    • *Arch Bishop
      -Skill tree updated with 2 new skills.
      -AB_EUCHARISTICA is still enabled for a few reasons.
      -First, packet capture data shows its still enabled in the skill tree. Not sure if its acturally learnable. Likely not. I think leaving it enable would be a extra for the job.
      -Note: A newer client is required for the 2 new skills to properly show up in the skill window and also display properly when casted.
      -All other skill updates should work fine with older clients.
      -Note: AB_CONVENIO doesn't work yet and will be coded in on the next update due to how complex the code for it will be.
    • *AB_JUDEX
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Fixed a issue where the splash AoE size was bigger then it should be.
      -SP cost reduced to 10%.
      -Ancilla item behavior changed. Using it now gives a buff for 60 seconds that increases healing rate by 15% and SP recovery rate by 30%.
      -Fixed a issue where SP was consumed on skill fail due to lack of blue gemstone.
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Is now a enemy targeted splash AoE.
      -SP requirements updated.
      -Now checks for Acolyte and higher jobs for gemstone requirement removal. (Confirmed)
      -Status apply behavior updated to official.
      -When the status success chance triggers, it will apply adoramus version of decrease AGI (duration not halved on players) and remove regular Dec-AGI if found active, and apply blind at 100% success chance (reduceable by normal means). Durations are now official for both status as well.
      -Success chance of removing debuffs updated.
      -No longer gives buff that increases VIT.
      -Now gives buff that increases MaxHP.
      -Success chance of removing debuffs updated.
      -No longer gives buff that increases LUK.
      -Now gives buff that increases critical damage.
      -Is now a self casted splash AoE.
      -AoE only affects party members in screen-wide range.
      -SP requirements updated.
      -Now heals 5% MaxHP every 5 seconds but won't heal if player is undead element.
      -No longer deals damage to undead.
      -Now bypasses both DEF/MDEF.
      -Damage formula updated.
      -Melee damage part now deals ranged damage.
      -Both duple sphere's now have seprate success chances of triggering, allowing for one or both to trigger.
      -Fixed a issue where it made those affected immune to damage.
      -Corrected stun chance to official.
      -Looks like they didn't keep the increased chance.
      -Corrected when the operations the CRIT increase is applied.
      -Added support for this skill.
      -Skill Tree Requirements updated.
      -This is the final time its being updated since I now have official info on its requirements.
      -Fixed a issue where the skill didn't work at all.
      -This issue was caused by a packet related issue that affected 2013-12-23 and newer clients. Sad that this went unnoticed for 5 years.
      -Added success chance.
      -Updated the list of traps it destroy's to official.
      -Fixed a issue where it didn't hit hidden enemies.
      -Added support for these skills.