• Nyan

    Guten Abend, muss leider die Verlosung aus dem Adventskalender noch einmal verschieben. Morgen am 09.12 um 20 Uhr bei .go 15

  • Gast#0c8b


  • Kyrri

    Kann sich jemand auf dem OS Server einloggen? Bei mir geht es aktuell nämlich scheinbar nicht :o

  • 15peaces

    Vielen Dank für die Review! :kitty:

  • Kyrri

    RMS Bewertung ist geschrieben :)

  • Amani

    waffe+card in die tasche und dann doppelklick auf die card, dann müsste es dir weiteres anzeigen

  • Gast#9a3f

    wie kann ich karten einsetzen in waffen

  • Gast#9a3f

    kann mir wer helfen?

  • 15peaces

    Oder hast du irgend ein Audiogerät angeschlossen, wofür du keine Treiber installiert hast?

  • 15peaces

    Evtl. Probleme mit dem Soundtreiber?

  • Gast#8933

    Huhu ich wollte mir gerade das Spiel runter laden und jetzt nach dem Patch kommt Audio System failes :/ woran liegt das ?

  • 15peaces

    ah, ok super ^^

  • beck

    richtig, aber das problem habe ich gelöst, Lösung schon im Thread drinnen.

  • 15peaces

    kommt zusätzlich auch die Meldung "Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem" ?

  • Gast#9a52

    bin neu, wollte das spiel starten, geht aber nicht, fehlermeldung, Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "miniDumpWriteDump" wurdde in der DLL "dbghelp.dll" nichit gefunden

  • Gast#9a52

    irgendwer hier der mir helfen kann

  • Dani

    gude ^^

  • Gast#93a0


  • La Luna

    also er sollte bei umbala 107/285 sein und da ist nix auf der map ein roter Punkt wo nix ist außer grün

  • Nyan

    Bin dran, hab aber auch nix gefunden^^‘ am Wochenende war leider doch viel los

  • Server:

    • *Increased ItemID limit from 32,767 to 65,535, thanks to rAthena Devs.
      -Still uses same amount of memory with doubled usable size.
      -Adjusted CARD0_PET from -256 to 256.
    • *Some updates on item bound system
    • *Updated some itemdb related functions to handle itemdb more efficient.
      -Updated some itemdb declarations to fix some compiler warnings.
      -Added the MAX_ITEMID define (by default set to unsigned short limit of 65.534).
    • *Some 2015 client updates, thanks to rathena.
      -Added full support for V6 EquipPackets.
      --a 2015-05-13 or newer client is needed to use these.
      --some other misc. packet updates.
      -Oneclick Itemidentify Packet Implemented
      --New Feature for 2015-05-13 client or newer
      --Request 1 Magnifier when use (ctrl + click right)
      -Added basic support for random option system.
    • *Corrected the showscript packet, thanks to rathena.
      -The showscript packet was being sent to all players logged in which can be network intensive.
    • *Added a few new script commands thanks to rathena!
      --Added cartcountitem
      --Added storagecountitem
      --Added cartcountitem2
      --Added storagecountitem2
      --Added a new param 'AccountID'
      --Added cartdelitem
      --Added storagedelitem
      --Added cartdelitem2
      --Added storagedelitem2
    • *Added missing enum mob_ai.
    • *Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory, and Storage usage
      -These storage types now mimic Guild Storage and can be loaded/saved whenever needed.
      -Relieves mmo_charstatus from having to send storage types and lets the char-server handle it.
      --This was also needed to support random options since the packets where getting to large with it...
      -All storage types now have an increased max amount.
      -Refactored player weight calculation into its own function.
      -Added script commands guildstoragecountitem[2] and guildstoragedelitem[2].
      -Removed inventory_to_sql and merged differences with memitemdata_to_sql.
      -Thanks to rathena for the base!
    • *Added check if cart need to be saved first or not before vending
    • *Removed `id` from item struct when new item added to cart.
      -The `id` value from inventory is never be used, on relog, `id`s for cart are always use 'real' value from table.
      -0-ing the value also prevent wrong `id` number while inserting records to `vending_items`.
      -Ordered by `id` whiel loading cart items from table.
    • *Initialize `sd->inventory`, `sd->inventory`, and `sd->storage` to 0 on `pc_authok`
    • *Added basic RODEX support
      -Adds basic support for the new mail UI RODEX.
      -Thanks to rathena.
    • *Some minor cleanups.
    • *Fixed a wrong variable type in inventory_to_sql function.
      -Thanks to hikashin.
    • *Added LOG_ALL_PACKETS config to core.h file and added some support for it.
      -it now enables logging for inter_parse_frommap function.
    • *One Click Identify feature adjustments
      -In Official, you can also use Novice Magnifiers
      -If you have both type of magnifiers in your inventory, it will always consume the normal magnifier first
    • *Updated some script commands to also support guild storage.
    • *Refactored clif_charnameack
      -Added support for ZC_ACK_REQNAMEALL2 which is used from 2015-05-13 and higher