• Nyan

    Guten Abend, muss leider die Verlosung aus dem Adventskalender noch einmal verschieben. Morgen am 09.12 um 20 Uhr bei .go 15

  • Gast#0c8b


  • Kyrri

    Kann sich jemand auf dem OS Server einloggen? Bei mir geht es aktuell nämlich scheinbar nicht :o

  • 15peaces

    Vielen Dank für die Review! :kitty:

  • Kyrri

    RMS Bewertung ist geschrieben :)

  • Amani

    waffe+card in die tasche und dann doppelklick auf die card, dann müsste es dir weiteres anzeigen

  • Gast#9a3f

    wie kann ich karten einsetzen in waffen

  • Gast#9a3f

    kann mir wer helfen?

  • 15peaces

    Oder hast du irgend ein Audiogerät angeschlossen, wofür du keine Treiber installiert hast?

  • 15peaces

    Evtl. Probleme mit dem Soundtreiber?

  • Gast#8933

    Huhu ich wollte mir gerade das Spiel runter laden und jetzt nach dem Patch kommt Audio System failes :/ woran liegt das ?

  • 15peaces

    ah, ok super ^^

  • beck

    richtig, aber das problem habe ich gelöst, Lösung schon im Thread drinnen.

  • 15peaces

    kommt zusätzlich auch die Meldung "Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem" ?

  • Gast#9a52

    bin neu, wollte das spiel starten, geht aber nicht, fehlermeldung, Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "miniDumpWriteDump" wurdde in der DLL "dbghelp.dll" nichit gefunden

  • Gast#9a52

    irgendwer hier der mir helfen kann

  • Dani

    gude ^^

  • Gast#93a0


  • La Luna

    also er sollte bei umbala 107/285 sein und da ist nix auf der map ein roter Punkt wo nix ist außer grün

  • Nyan

    Bin dran, hab aber auch nix gefunden^^‘ am Wochenende war leider doch viel los

  • Server:

    • *Cleaned up some code.
    • *Added the latest tags and ID's for skills and status's.
    • *MAX_SKILL increased to 5078.
    • *MAX_GUILDSKILL increased to 20.
    • *Added full support for clan system.
      -Thanks to rAthena.
      -Requires 2013-12-23 client or newer.
      -Includes the Sword, Arc Wand, Golden Mace, and Cross Bow Clans.
      --Jumping Clan is not yet implemented as more information is needed.
      -Includes official NPC to join and leave Clans.
      -Side note: Confirm your chat window has the Clan Info setting enabled to display messages.
      -Added clan_join and clan_leave script commands.
    • *Added a new monster entry used for the skill Charge Shout - Flag.
    • *Fixed an issue where all npcs of minstrel job quest where invisible.
      -This existed for at least a year and noone noted it... ^^
    • *Added 3 new skills to guild skill tree.
      -Note: These are disabled for now until we feel its the right time to enable them. Plus need to confirm if Charge Shout - Beating is learned the same way as all the other guild skills.
      -With only 50 skill points and needing 51 to max out all skills it feels its best to wait for more info.
    • *Expanded Super Novice
      -Applied the 2019 update that reworked the job.
      -MaxHP/MaxSP pools updated (hope we got it right).
      -Bonus stats for job levels 51 - 65 added (tho default max is 60 here for now).
      -Updated the skill tree and added 3 new skills exclusive to the job.
      -Note: The 3 new exclusive skills are not learnable/usable currently and require a newer client which at this time is not supported.
      -Fixed a issue where under certain odd conditions the damage might miss.
      -Updated damage formula.
      -Adjusted knock back behavior.
      -Fixed a odd issue with the skill being used on ice walls.
      -Fixed a issue where the target would get pushed back depending on its facing direction when it should be depending on the caster and targets position.
      -Recoded the skill.
      -Now requires 1 spirit sphere before casting.
      -Item pickup/drop is now blocked for both caster and enemies.
      -Now uses a array to keep track of all affected enemys.
      -Status now checks every second to see if the affected target is still in AoE range. If outside the AoE the status will end.
      -Status now ends if the caster dies, if the caster uses any skills, if outside the AoE, or if the duration ends.
      -Does not affect boss monsters.
      -Recoded the skill.
      -Now uses a array to keep track of all affected enemys.
      -A max of 3 can be active at a time.
      -Caster no longer does repeated skill cast actions while active.
      -The status now ends if the caster dies, is farther then 12 cells from the caster, or the duration ends.
      -Fixed a issue where the caster did repeated skill cast actions when casted.
      -Fixed a issue where the status was not removed from monster's when the caster dies.
      -Added support for these skills.


    • Updated skill trees to reflect the changes for the 2019 expanded super novice update.


    • Added simple error handler.
    • Did some internal work on item database to prepare for future updates.