• Server:
      -Updated the packet code to pad in the unused parts of the structure.
      -Added support for these packet.
    • *Fixed a issue that can cause clients to crash on map load or cause lua errors.
      =This was caused by the ALL_QUEST_LIST3 packet.
      -Big thanks to 4144 for explaining how it works.
      -Note: Players will still experience lua errors when quests like the endless tower (ID's 60200 and 60201 for example or anything in the 60k range) is active. This is not a packet issue.
    • *WoE:Training Edition implementation
      -Added a new version of WoE, WoE:TE which forbids 3rd class and 2nd expanded class from joining.
      - 10 new WoE castles.
      - New zone for job_noenter.txt
      - Various items are restricted.
      -New monsters for the guild dungeon.
      -Thanks to rAthena for the base!
    • *NJ_HUUJIN (Wind Blade)
      -Corrected the cast time.

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