• 15peaces

    Hallo, Welt, neue Shoutbox! :kitty:

  • Server:

    • Faceworm Nest implementation
      -Added support for a semi-official version of Faceworm Nest instance. Thanks to hercules
      --Added missing items and monsters.
    • Added missing monsters and items.
      -Also changed some monsters to fit pre-renewal system.
      --(also note: https://nyanro.org/wiki/Renewal_Anpassungen)
    • Added support for makeitem2 script command.
    • Some fixing and cleaning.
    • Added full support for hat effects.
      -This adds support for the hateffect script command.
    • Fixed an issue with item packages where the random items where not picked correctly.


    • Fixed @go towns to only contain Episode 13.1 towns.


    • Updated Forum to WBB 5.1.10
      -This also fixes all the hidden issues with WBB 4.1 and php 7.x