§ 1 - Terms of use
  1. Freedom of expression
      On our Server there is freedom of expression according to German law.
      Every user may, in principle, freely express his opinion.
      It is also important to accept the opinions of others and discuss them politely if necessary.
      Users should not force their opinions on others. This way we can keep the server peaceful.

      Every user is responsible for the legality of the content he provides.

      Content which is illegal, obscene, pornographic or otherwise offensive is not permitted.

      The GM-team reserves itself the rights to delete any content (without any warning or comment) that may cause prosecution by any federal- or law institutions,
      cause uproar or any other kinds of misunderstandings among the players and may scare them off.

  2. Unacceptable content
    1. Illegal contents or contents of questionable legality
        Because of possible legal consequences for the Administrator the following contents are completely forbidden:
        • Illegal content and links to sites which distribute this content, especially those that violate the criminal law, the narcotics law, the pharmaceutical law, or the assault weapons law, glorify war or violate the human dignity.
        • Radical statements which target the personal rights, religious views, other basic rights or any kind of personal freedom of others.
        • Publication of personal data, messages, e-mails, logfiles, images, videos or any other kind of private information about members of the boards or other persons without their permission.
        • General notes about legislation are permitted.
    2. Public advertising for other servers.

  3. Uncovered cases
      In individual cases that are not covered by the rules, moderators and/or administrators will base their decision on the present facts.
§ 2 - General Rules
  1. Every player is responsible for his accounts.
  2. Don‘t use Bots, Macros, or any 3rd party programs that are changing the gameplay.
  3. All kinds of Changes (Exe, Data ...) on nyanRO- Client are not allowed.
  4. Don‘t create chats around NPCs and spawn points look for a free space.
  5. Don‘t spam (text or skills) or insult other players and Gamemasters.
  6. Don‘t abuse bugs or exploits, report them secretly to a Gamemaster or Admin. Reporting Bugs on the forums is allowed and always recommended.
  7. Don‘t create dozens of accounts (1-4 are okay).
  8. Don‘t beg Gamemasters for items, zeny, warps, etc.
  9. No "afk-leveling" or "afk-farming". (GMs will wait 5 minutes.)
  10. No Duels in Maintown.
  11. Vending only in Towns. The Blackmarktet is excluded from this rule.
  12. Dead/Bloody Branches, Morphing, etc.
    • Using Dead Branches (DB) or Bloody Branches (BB) outside of the DB-Arena is allowed to a limited degree.
    • It is absolutely forbidden in Towns!
    • Spawning up to 20 DBs, 2 BBs and morphing up to 5 monsters is permitted on public maps and in dungeons.
    • The players who spawned/morphed monsters are responsible for cleaning the map.
    • If the players are not able to kill the monsters they spawned/morphed, they should ask other players for help or inform a GM.
    • Fields like Poring Heaven, Payon Dungeon and other areas for low level players have to be protected.
  13. War of Emperium/PvP
    • Emp blocking is forbidden.
      (Emp blocking is the act of placing items or players around the emperium so that it becomes impossible to attack it.)
    • Emergency Call within one cell of the emp also counts as emp blocking. This also includes hiding in barricades or Guardian Stones, or Emergency Call inside barricades or Guardian Stones.
    • It is not permitted:
      • to participate in WoE (or any Guild PvP Event) if you are in a guild and don‘t have an emblem or if your emblem is mostly invisible
      • to copy emblems from other guilds.
      • to intentionally obstruct another guilds warps by putting warp portals to other areas.
      • to Block castle entrances with items, chat boxes, vending shops or skills (i.e. Warp Portal, Ice Wall, Vacuum Extreme, Dimension Door etc).
  14. Multiaccounts inside KvM-matches are not allowed.
  15. MvPs and BossType monsters are Free for All (as on official servers).
  16. It is not allowed to insult, denounce or otherwise attack other players using the Megaphones.
    Using this item for chatting is also not permitted.
  17. The resale of items, that obviously originate from the Black Market, is forbidden. The Items may not be purchased with the intention of reselling them for profit, because the Black Market‘s purpose is to take money from the server. Selling is only permitted if the items are offered to the players at the same price or at a lower price.
§ 3 - Rules for Donations
  1. We reserve the right to refuse donations if incomplete or wrong information was given. (for example: missing or nonexistant account name)
  2. A donation is not a purchase. NyanPoints are a voluntary service from the NyanRO team.
  3. There is no special treatment for players who donated.
  4. Donations cannot be refunded.
§ 4 - GM Rules
  1. Treat all players with respect.
  2. Treat all players the same.
  3. Don‘t give any items/equipments/etc. to players unless it‘s an event price.
  4. Don‘t give any special event prices to players (e.g. God-likes, MvP Cards, GM equips, etc.)
  5. Don‘t assist players by warping them somewhere, giving them levels, stat/skill points, etc.
  6. Don‘t participate in PvP or WoE with your GM character.
  7. Don‘t assist players by mobbing monsters or giving them buffs / heals / res unless it‘s an event.
  8. No Duel / PvP / GvG command usage unless it‘s an event.