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Inflict a stun status to all enemies with a probrability rate that is affected by the skill's level. There is a low chance of inflicting stun on party members. It also says a quote, which is pulled from the game's resource file, no matter if it fails or works.

Level Stun Chance SP Cost
1 30% 12
2 35% 14
3 40% 16
4 45% 18
5 50% 20





Stop drinking!!

Hey you punk!!

See if I ever listen to you!

Stop smoking!!

Stop smoking or else I'm going to join you!!

I hate second hand smoking!!

Psh.. not even rich ----!!

You try living off of this much Zeny!!

Go make some Zeny if you're insulted!!


Yaaaaaaa Hoooooooooooo ----!!!

Sign here sign here!!

It's over!! Let's end it here!!

What am I supposed to live off of!!

Take care of my daughter!!

Claim your daughter!! You punk!

What are you going to do about your child!

Hey you punk--!!

Hey!! You still call yourself a human!

Sweety!! Are you really going to leave like this?!

Are we.. seriously over? Huh!!!

What am I supposed to do without you!!!!

I'm pregnant!!!!!

Save me!!

Somebody's following me!

Agh! What do you think you're doing -!

Hey! Get away from me!

AAAAHHHHH--!! Wha.. Where do you think your hands are going!!!!

Why are you doing this to me!!

We're still young!!

We have our lives in front of us~!!

I'm not ready yet!!

Not yet!! Just a little... Wait just a little more!

No--!! I'm a teacher and you're my student!

This relationship will never work!

Let's meet again when we're more mature!!

If you're a little older... then... maybe ~~!

Yeah! I love him. I love him! Is that such a crime?!

I don't care what other people say.. I love him!

Sorry to you.. but.. I can't help it! I already fell in love!!

Hey... why do you have to be my friend's boyfriend?! Why!!

Why my friend!!

Why my friend out of all the people~!!!



Love you babes!!

Love you!

I love you ---!!

Love you lots!!

I said I love you!

What do you want me to do!

I don't need anything!!

You're all dead! Argh!

Was I just a joke to you?!

Say something! Now!!


*Sniffles*... waaah!!

I don't care-!!!

Hohohoho! Call me your majesty!

Oh- ho- hohoho!



Are you going to kill me if I don't give you an item -------!!!!

You think I'm that easy ------!!!!!


No no! NO!!

Leave me alone-----------!!!!!

Don't come-------!!!!

Don't come near me!!

Get away from me!!!!


You dirty punk!!

Go away!!

I'm going to cry... if you touch me!!

I'm going to cry!!!

Those who lie...... don't even have the right to love!!

No~ Not here ~*




Can't you hear me ~ ???

Get down!

You can't trust me?!

Hug~ me~ closely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hug me!!

Argh!! Die. Just die!!!!!!!!!

Poring ! Poporing !! Popopopopoporing!!!!!!!!!!

Kyaaa~ It's a pervert ~~ Waaah

Guess who ~

All going to die~~!!!!!!!

Shush !!!!


Eh?! Oh my!!!!

Huh! What is this!!

Eh?! What is this!! Who do you think you are! Hah!

Take me somewhere ---!!!!!

I'm lonely!!!!

Lonely! I'm lonely and how could you!!!!

Do you know me?!!!

I'm not just what you think I am!!!!

There must be some misunderstanding!!!!!

Do you still love me?!!!

Not everything is the way you see it!!!!

Listen to me!! That's not true! It's a misunderstanding!!!!

Am I pretty?!!!!!! Next is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmm ~*

My skill is lame!! Why? Because it is lame ~_~

Lame huh? Yeah.

Damn, I'd have to say that was pretty stupid...

What a pathetic sight.

Yes... yes I agree, that in fact was pretty lame.

Enter "Funny Comment" Here.

Oh boy, what the *Bleep* was that! Little help over here pansies...

Not the face...NOT THE FACE!


There is more ~ than is shown in some quotes. These are the same quotes used to get to the Jawaii Bar from Prontera.