Free for All

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FFA is an acronym and stands for Free for all, meaning anyone can attack that monster regardless of who summoned it, who is attacking it, or who is being attacked by it. FFA is a designation applied to certain types of monsters. Monsters which fall under this designation include:

  • MVPs
  • Dead Branch/Bloody Branch summoned Monsters
  • Town Invasion Monsters
  • Hocus-pocus summoned Monsters
  • Other player summoned Monsters, such as through Cultivate Plant - however this can be considered very rude

The FFA designation does not apply to "mini-bosses" or any other type of monster. Attacking any non-FFA monsters is considered Kill Stealing, and may result in being banned. Please be careful not to attack any monsters that aren't FFA.

Some monsters that spawn in towns are not considered FFA, such as the event Lucky Dragons in 2006. The Wild Roses that appear in towns however, are generally considered FFA.