Illusion Dungeon Enchants

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She can enchant Illusion Gear

To start enchanting Illusion Gear, look for the Illusion Enchanter NPC (/navi prontera 90/115) at Prontera City.
Each attempt to enchant costs 25271.png 5 Illusion Stones and has a 100% chance to succeed. The item must be equipped to receive enchants.
As of the moment, only lvl 3 Weapons can be enchanted, but all Armor pieces are readily enchantable.

Enchants List


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Resetting Enchants

Resetting Enchants has a chance to fail depending on the option chosen.
The item must be equipped to reset its enchants. For now, the only available options for resetting is with zeny. Listed below are the available options and their corresponding chances of success:

  • 100,000z - 50% chance
  • 200,000z - 60% chance
  • 300,000z - 70% chance
  • 400,000z - 80% chance
  • 500,000z - 90% chance

Warning: Failure will result in the destruction of the item