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This article is about an elemental property. For the status effect, see Status Effects#Poison.

The Poison property is one of the ten elemental properties in Ragnarok Online. Not to be confused with the Status Effect of the same name. The Poison property is slightly strong against the low level Fire, Wind and Earth properties, and is slightly weak to the Holy property. Weapons can be temporarily endowed with the Poison property using the Assassin's Enchant Poison skill.

Damage Table

The damage tables can be found in NyanDB: Elemental attribute damage adjustments


The following cards concern the Poison property. See each item description for further details.



  • Argiope Card: Endows the armor with the Level 1 Poison property.


  • Centipede Card: Decreases damage from Poison property entities by 20% and increases damage on them by 5%.


  • Myst Card: Decreases Poison property damage by 30%.