Warp Portal

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Consume a Blue Gemstone to create a Warp Portal that will transport those that enter to the portal's destination. Warp Portals will close after transporting the maximum number of characters or after the skill duration elapses.


  • To memorize a map, stand in the area and type "/memo".
  • Once all 3 memo spots are used, the next memo (of a map not already memo'd) will overwrite the destination at the very bottom of the list.
  • Each map can only have one memo. If the player memorizes one cell of a map and later decides they want to memorize another cell of the same map, it will overwrite the map's old spot instead of creating two memo points for the same map.
  • Only 3 Warp Portals can be activated at once. If this limit is reached quickly, a bug may occur to prevent the portals from elapsing and the caster from casting a new one. This can be fixed by relogging or leaving the map.
  • If the caster creates a Warp Portal and leaves the map (either by being disconnected, or going through the portal itself), the Warp Portal will disappear regardless of how many people have gone in or how long it has been open.
  • The maximum capacity of people that the caster can warp at a time is 8, regardless of the skill's level.
Level 1 2 3 4
Skill Duration 10 sec 15 sec 20 sec 25 sec
Available Warp Destinations Save Point Save Point + 1 Memo Point Save Point + 2 Memo Points Save Point + 3 Memo Points
SP Cost 35 32 29 26