• Nyan

    Guten Abend, muss leider die Verlosung aus dem Adventskalender noch einmal verschieben. Morgen am 09.12 um 20 Uhr bei .go 15

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  • Kyrri

    Kann sich jemand auf dem OS Server einloggen? Bei mir geht es aktuell nämlich scheinbar nicht :o

  • 15peaces

    Vielen Dank für die Review! :kitty:

  • Kyrri

    RMS Bewertung ist geschrieben :)

  • Amani

    waffe+card in die tasche und dann doppelklick auf die card, dann müsste es dir weiteres anzeigen

  • Gast#9a3f

    wie kann ich karten einsetzen in waffen

  • Gast#9a3f

    kann mir wer helfen?

  • 15peaces

    Oder hast du irgend ein Audiogerät angeschlossen, wofür du keine Treiber installiert hast?

  • 15peaces

    Evtl. Probleme mit dem Soundtreiber?

  • Gast#8933

    Huhu ich wollte mir gerade das Spiel runter laden und jetzt nach dem Patch kommt Audio System failes :/ woran liegt das ?

  • 15peaces

    ah, ok super ^^

  • beck

    richtig, aber das problem habe ich gelöst, Lösung schon im Thread drinnen.

  • 15peaces

    kommt zusätzlich auch die Meldung "Cannot init d3d or grf file has problem" ?

  • Gast#9a52

    bin neu, wollte das spiel starten, geht aber nicht, fehlermeldung, Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "miniDumpWriteDump" wurdde in der DLL "dbghelp.dll" nichit gefunden

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    irgendwer hier der mir helfen kann

  • Dani

    gude ^^

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  • La Luna

    also er sollte bei umbala 107/285 sein und da ist nix auf der map ein roter Punkt wo nix ist außer grün

  • Nyan

    Bin dran, hab aber auch nix gefunden^^‘ am Wochenende war leider doch viel los

  • Server:

    • *Corrected a typo in a message related to push carts.
    • *Added support for the "ZC_MSG_COLOR" packet.
      +Currently not used....yet.
    • *Fixed a issue with the "allskills" command where it may not appear to give you all the skills accessable by your job. This is needed due to the normalize job skilltree recode.
    • *clif_msg_value; *clif_msg_skill
      +Added support for these functions.
      -This replaces "clif_msgtable_num" and "clif_skill_msg" and are properly recoded to the way they should of been coded.
    • *clif_msg_color
      +Added support for this function to work with "ZC_MSG_COLOR".
    • *pc_normalize_job_max_skillpoint
      +Added support for ths function.
      -This works with the normalizing of jobs to set how many skill points should be invested into certain skills in a skill tree depending on the job since the max job level is different between jobs.
    • *pc_calc_skilltree_normalize_job
      +Recoded the function to properly work for 3rd jobs.
    • *pc_search_job_skilltree
      +Added support for this function.
      -This replaces "pc_isSkillFromJob" and is a recode of it.
    • *pc_skillup
      +Recoded the checks and message handling for telling the player how many skill points need to be placed into lower tier skills. This is also part of the reason "pc_calc_skilltree_normalize_job" was recoded.
      -Having to update the skill range check every time new 3rd job skills come out is annoying. Better to let the normalize_job and search_job_skilltree functions work together for this.
    • *pc_jobchange
      +Removed JOBL_THIRD from the upper setting switch.
      -Third jobs are not a alternate version of 2nd jobs. Its a higher tier, making it its own job.
    • *Updated "pc_msg" and "msg_skill" MSG names with official ones.
    • *cooldown_rate; *min_skill_cooldown_limit; *no_skill_cooldown
      +Added these config settings to the skill.conf file.
    • *clif_spdamage
      +Added seprate function for the ZC_NOTIFY_ACT3 packet.
      -This packet is mainly used for displaying SP damage and not HP damage.
      -The ZC_NOTIFY_ACT2 packet is confirmed still used for HP damage.
    • *Fixed a issue where some status's that deal damage and shows it will not show the damage done on the enemy if its a killing blow.
    • *Autocasted skills will no longer trigger a cooldown on renewal era skills.
    • *skill_cooldownfix
      +Added support for this function.
      -This function is kinda like skill_delayfix, but for cooldowns.
      -At the moment its functional enough to allow cooldown time adjustments through status's but will be updated later to work with equip bonuses.
    • *Changed a few settings in the client.conf file to new defaults.
      +max_doram_cloth_color changed from 0 to 3. (July 2018 client or higher needed, not yet supported.)
      +save_body_style changed from no to yes.
      -Note: Body style's will now be saved by default from here on since the alternate 3rd job outfits are now officially released in kRO. (newer client needed, not yet supported.)
    • *bCooldownRate; *bNoMadoFuel
      +Added support for these bonuses.
    • *Fixed a issue where bonus and bonus2 for fixedcastrate stacked.
      -Only the highest percentage should be taken.
    • *Burning status now reduces MDEF by 25%.
    • *Frost status no longer increases variable cast time.
      +Now increases fixed cast time by 50%.
    • *The party window now updates the shown job and base level of a party member when the member's job or base level changes.
    • *Added 2 new skill place holders.
    • *Updated the "displayskill" command to allow for selecting which skill animation packets to send.
    • *Added tons of new maps to the map index and cache.
      -Cache is completely rebuilt using data.grf last patched on 2018-06-20.
      -Index lists are taken from rAthena. Credits to them.
    • *Players that have hair style 0 will have their style changed to 1 on login.
      -Also players having a body dye of 1 will have their dye changed to 0 on login.
      -This is because hair style 0 and body dye 1 are not allowed in official servers.
      -Both for each one is basicly the same. Not sure why its like that but it is.
      -Using them can cause small glitches on character select and the equip window.
      -Example: The blue crystal looking things on the Warlock outfit will appear black and missing other colors on body dye 1.
      -GM's can still access those values by command, but will be changed back on login.
    • *Added 3 new towns to the "go" command. Eclage, Lasagna and Rock Ridge.
      -Lasagna and Rock Ridge will stay disabled until we support them.
    • *Fixed some linux compile error's.
    • *Removed MAX_CHARS_SLOTS.
      -This was useless since noone uses the feature to set max slots and how many of those slots can be used. Best to only have MAX_CHARS.
    • *MAX_CHARS is now set to 12 by default.
    • *Update HC_ACCEPT_ENTER2 packet.
      -Added support for these packets to better support the new character select.
      -These are currently setup for 2018-06-20 and newer clients since I don't want to risk breaking things with older clients.
    • *Increased MAX_MAP_PER_SERVER to 2000
      +Because their's nearly 1000 maps in the cache, instance maps will likely generate -in the ID range for Extra/Custom maps. The 500 increase will give headspace for more official maps and instances. This also shifts the ID ranges for Extra/Custom maps by 500.
    • *Balanced the refine system.
      -This is a customized system for supporting +20 equippment refines.
      -Updated success rates for +11 ~ +20 to official.
      -Weapon refine bonus is same as before (pre-renewal formulars, extended to +20).
      -Equip refine bonus is changed as follows:
      --Adds full bonus for +1 ~ +10 & add half of the bonus for +11 ~ +20.
      --This means:
      --- +0,70 def / upgrade for + 1 ~ +10 -> + 7,0 DEF @ +10 (as in pre-renewal)
      --- +0,35 def / upgrade for +11 ~ +20 -> +10,5 DEF @ +20 (custom)
    • *Important monster ID's are now set in a enum table.
    • *Player clone ID range reduced to 200 clones max.
      +This will be increased back in the future once the 2nd monster ID range is supported.
    • *Disabled access to multi-colored dragons through commands and scripts.
      -Its been found that riding any color other then green while having a body style of 1 or more causes sprite error's and client crash, making it impossible to get back on that character.
      -This is done now to avoid these problems once the body styles will be released (new client).
    • *Fixed a issue where skills could not be leveled up when playing as a Summoner.
    • *Added support for equips with effect animations.
      -These are animations displayed through SI_HEAD_EQUIPMENT_EFFECT which are controlled through the HatEffectInfo.lua file.
    • *Corrected a issue where item types ARMOR and WEAPON were switched.
      -This fixes the incorrect tabs issue in the storage window.
    • *Added a structure init for skill_spellbook_db.
    • *Fixed some item script errors in item_db.
    • *Added item_fixeddrop.
      -This allows you to add items that you don't want to be affected by the set server rates and instead only be affected by whats set in the monster database.
      -Basicly its a way to force certain items to drop at official chances no matter what the rates are set to.
    • *Renamed the monster KO_ZANZOU to KO_KAGE.
      +Its the actural official name.
    • *Changed Nightmare Scaraba Hole monsters to fit pre-renewal system.
    • *Mechanic
      +Can now use all Merchant, Blacksmith, and Whitesmith skills while in a Mado.
      +Updated refine chance bonus gained from JobLV's to official.
      +JobLV will not affect the success chance when below 50.
      -When above 50, it will add a 0.5% chance bonus for each level above 50.
      -This brings the added success chance to 10% at JobLV 70.
      +Mechanics now get the full 10% added chance bonus no matter the JobLV.
      +Added support for these skills.
      +The AoE size for the stellar mark check is now 5x5.
      -Note: Sucks that its this small but its confirmed official.
      +Fixed a issue where using the skill under certain conditions would crash the server.
      +Fixed a issue where it didn't deal bonus damage on sleeping targets.
      +Now displays SP damage as blue numbers.
      +Switching or disabling stances now removes status's given from skills exclusive to the previously active stance.
      *Added full support for these skills.
      +Now deals 2 hits.
      -The first hit is the main damage. The second hit is the 100% fire damage.
      +Adjusted map check code.
      +Now only usable in PVP type maps.
      -Fixed a issue where the damage didn't bypass protection from Devotion.
      +Fixed a issue where casting the skill didn't require alcohol.
      *Star Emperor; *Soul Reaper
      +Updated the status's given by their skills for dispell/clearance rules.
      +No longer removes soul reaper soul links.
      +Can now be used on Soul Linker / Soul Reaper jobs.
      +Duration updated to official and is now affected by skill level used.
      -Fixed a issue where the animation wouldn't appear on 2018-06-20 and newer clients.
    • *SC_ESCAPE
      -Added missing item requirement.
      +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +20 refine settings.
      +Updated stun duration to official.
      -Once again the 2011 iRO document is wrong.
      +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +20 refine settings.