• Server:
    • Enabled access to two new towns via .go.
      -Lasagna (.go 39)
      -Rock Ridge (.go 40)
    • Added NPC name to status_set_viewdata error message.
    • Implemented SC Blocking Database
      -This database contains status (SC) that will be disabled/blocked on certain map.
      -The specified map for SC is determined by map type or zone.
      -The disabled SC will be removed if player has the SC from previous map and will fail to be applied again.
      -Thanks to @rathena!
    • Added full support to select gender while character creation.
    • Some fixing and updating related to Old Glast Heim instance.
      -Fixed OldGlastHeim instance not showing any npc.
      -adding missing glast heim Items/Quests entries
      -corrected already existed glast heim npcs
      -added Old Glast Heim Enchanter
      -Changed .MyMobs to 'MyMobs
      -thanks to @HerculesWS
    • Updated MOTD
    • Fixed infinite damage bug for Release, Hundred Spear, Ignition Break and Sonic Wave on base level 99.

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