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    • Official Post


    • Fixed a critical issue where all players had the MD_PLANT mode active by default.
      -This was caused by a wrong handling of the default mode mask.
    • Fixed bad login values.
    • Added some checks to unit_check_start_teleport_timer.
    • Some misc fixing & cleaning.
      -removed unused parameters in several functions.
      -Removed misplaced auction code.
    • Fixed a map-crash related to unit_walktobl function.
    • Added missing status icons for SC_MATKPOTION and SC_ATKPOTION.
    • Fixed another issue related to moving items.
      -Dragging an item into a full/overweighted guild storage caused the item to get stuck until relog.
    • Added New Char-Server Rename Packet.
    • Fixed magical reflection behavior, user reflecting now visually casts the skill back at the caster, instead of caster casting it on itself.
    • You no longer can dispell guild mates in non-pkable areas.
    • Status effects no longer propagate with magical reflection (e.g. when frost diver is reflected there is no chance that target will be frozen).
    • Modified @mi exclusion criteria so that it requires a monster to not have a fixed spawn point as well as no base/job exp. It was excluding things such as red/blue/whatever plant from search results.
    • #autotrade now relogs the target, not the caster.
    • Fixed bug where Kagerou and Oboro could hit their Zanzoe.
    • Slaves now return the final master when killing mob.
    • Improved the structure of status_get_sc_def so it's a lot easier to apply official formulas and make sure the checks are applied in the correct order.
      -In the process, fixed the effect of luk on status changes and removed the static 3% resistance that has been proven to not exist (97 vit, 1 luk can get stunned on officials)
      -As there is no general luk resistance as it depends on each status change, removed the luk_status_def configurations
    • Added check on map_flooradditem to prevent item apparition if inventory full and item is not droppable.
    • Changed some msg_langtype2langstr messages to a readable format.
    • Fixed disable_items not working when the close button appears in NPC dialog while keeping close/close2/end backwards compatibility.
    • Refactored start items config.
      -Thanks to rathena fo the base.
      -Now also supports auto-equip and (by default) max 16 items.
    • Capped reflected damage to max HP of the one reflecting.
    • Added battle_calc_cardfix function.
      -Thanks to rathena for the base.
      -This was done to optimize and clean-up the cardfix calculations.
    • Major battle calculation engine refactoring! Giant thanks to @rathena for the refactoring work
      -Forced neutral behavior documented and implemented. Weapon element does affect the following skills, but final damage is treated neutral for resistances.
      --End result is endows do boost skill damage as expected given elemental weaknesses or resistances, but forced neutral skills will always miss on Ghost 3/4 mobs as the damage is "forced" back to neutral type after bonuses are applied
      --but before resistances.
      -The following skills are considered "forced neutral"
      --Merchant "Cart Revolution"
      --Creator "Acid Demonstration"
      --Genetic "Cart Cannon" (damage is forced to element of cannon ball, either neutral or holy or ghost)
      -Weapon calculation engine has been rewritten to better emulate official behaviors and "quirks", the following changes have been documented and implemented:
      --Double attack takes priority over criticals when determining which effect activates
      --VITDEF (status or sDEF) is applied on every hit on multi-hit skills, rather than a flat reduction on the final damage total
      --Skills such as Spiral Pierce that differ when used by monsters modified to match official calculation methods
      -Weapon element behavior adjusted to match official behavior, endows override any innate weapon element, including elemental arrows
      --Double attack gives a hidden +1 HIT per skill level on attacks that activate the double attack effect
      --Envenom gives a flat +15 ATK per skill level when used, it is considered a mastery type damage and has no element
      --Acid Demonstration adjusted to match "forced neutral" behavior on official
      ---For example, Acid Demonstration used on a water-type mob with a wind endowed weapon will do bonus damage, but will miss on a Ghost 3/4 monster regardless of endow.
      --Magnum break bonus damage gives +20% ATK fire damage on physical attack (so 100% ATK normal + 20% ATK fire)
      --Final Strike will MISS on plant-type mobs (mobs that only take 1 damage per hit from all sources)
      --Mirror Image cast over itself will override and reset current Mirror Image count
      --Cart Cannon "forced element" behavior implemented, damage is "forced" to the element of the cannon ball.
      ---Ex. Cart Cannon fitted with a standard cannon ball and a fire elemental weapon will do bonus damage against earth targets, and a Cart Cannon fitted with a holy cannon ball will do bonus damage against shadow,
      ---but total damage is forced back to element of cannon ball and resistances applied against it. Neutral cannon balls will miss on Ghost 3/4 but holy/ghost/shadow will not.
      --Gunslinger Mine skill formula and behavior matched to official
      ---Fixed 500 damage, ignores DEF and is affected by +% ATK weapon cards only
      --Tetra Vortex behavior modified to match official
      ---First 4 spirit spheres are used for calculating element of each hit, but if 5 are present all 5 are consumed
    • Moved pc_dead NPC event calls to the end of the death process
    • Super Novices are no longer counted as dead when saved by their angel
      -They won't lose their +10 bonus on the first death
      -Pet intimacy, mercenaries, skull drops are unaffected by first death
      -Steel Body is level 5 when saved
    • Added AEGIS 'CLASS_' enum
      -Item bonuses 'bAddDefClass' and 'bAddMdefClass' replaced by 'bAddDefMonster' and 'bAddMdefMonster'.
      -Item bonuses 'bIgnoreMdefRate' and 'bIgnoreDefRate' replaced by 'bIgnoreMdefRaceRate' and 'bIgnoreDefRaceRate'.
      -Added new item bonuses: bIgnoreDefClass, bIgnoreMdefRaceRate, bDefRatioAtkClass, bAddClass, bSubClass, bMagicAddClass, bWeaponComaClass, bHpDrainValueClass, bSpDrainValueClass, bIgnoreMdefClassRate, bAddClassDropItem, bAddClassDropItemGroup.
      -Item bonus 'bAddClassDropItem' renamed to 'bAddMonsterIdDropItem'.
      -Updated 'battle_calc_cardfix' function.
    • Moved OnInit to load before OnInstanceInit in npc_reload().
    • Fixed homunculus causing the map-server to crash.
    • Added item_id on @whodrops's result for each item (avoiding confusion if the result is more than 1 items).
    • Finally fixed character delayed deletion method.
    • Fixed char-server not making use of name_ignoring_case setting.
    • Pets & Homun renaming with empty name fix.
    • Homunculus skill tree is now refreshed upon class change.
    • Fixed skill_copyable_db RequirementRemoved field.
      -Also added support for removing RequiredEquipment.
    • ItemDB updates:
      -Added missing Eden Group Equipment.
      -Added some costumes.
    • Changed some trading restrictions.
    • Changed Sleep chance of Lullaby's effect.
      -Chance is increased with INT.
    • Fixed Pneuma display.
    • changed CH_PALMSTRIKE to aspd based like official.
    • WL_COMET
      -Fixed an issue that caused the skill to be single target instead of AoE.
      -Still needs another fixing...
    • Fire Pillar is now removed by land protector, and no longer can be cast over land protector.
    • Fixed SC__SHADOWFORM not ending if target does not move after being warped.
      -This allowed to inflict damage between maps (only if both player don't move).
      -Cleanup old map-check on move check.
    • Fixed Trick Dead not being removed on job change.
    • Finally added the correct formula for Spiral Pierce when used by monsters.
    • When bosses use level 48 decrease agi, it will now have a base duration of 65 seconds on players.
      -NPC_PIERCINGATT deals 75% damage, ignoring DEF
      -NPC_COMBOATTACK deals 100%+25%*level damage spread on level+1 hits
      -NPC_RANDOMATTACK deals 100%*level damage with a random element
    • Fixed Dispel-Skills not removing dance statusses (inversed area checks).
    • Updated the success chance of Decrease Agi to the formula that was extracted from Aegis (blevel/5 + int/5 + skill_lv*3 + 50)
    • Implemented the official stun chance of Bash based on an Aegis leak.
      -Basically the base chance (5% per level above 5) will get multiplied by BaseLevel/50.0, so on level 50, it will be 1x, on level 75 it will be 1.5x and on level 99 it will be almost 2x (prior reductions),
      -e.g. a level 99 knight using bash 10 will have a 49.5% base success chance to stun with it (if he has learned the quest skill).
    • Updated Bowling Bash to its official behavior including the gutter line.
    • Sonic Blow now has a fixed range of 1, even for monsters; a monster can't use this skill if you tank it from farther away.
    • Minor fix to Reflect Damage timer going over time limit.
    • Fixed Star Gladiator Miracle not using correct ratio.
    • Per official behavior, Knight's Auto Counter skill is based off of player's ASPD for delay.
    • Water Ball now checks for obstacles
    • Mechanic Neutral Barrier updated to block ranged and splash attacks.
    • Update Songs/Dances for Land Protector.
    • Reflect damage even when damage is blocked by a status.
    • Changed Cart Tornado to use base strength.
    • Fixed Frost Driver damages with overpower level because of skill_lv reduction mistake.
    • Fixed Pneuma behaviors:
      -Emeny still can be knocked back.
      -Acid Terror still has chance to break the armor.
      -Fixed damage calculation.


    • (to much to write down... updated to Mainsevers state.)
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