Sticky Bilder vom neuen Server

    • Kein Screen atm, dafür ein paar News:
      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 618 - 620
      • *Added Biolab Gear Exchange NPC.
      • *Updated the elemental_db and set many settings to official.
        -This update fixes many problems, like attack, skill, and view range.
        -This also adds official property elements, movement speed, and size scales.
        -HP/SP, ATK, stats, DEF/MDEF, etc. are all temporarly as these values are mainly different depending on the summoner stats upon summoning.
      • *Updated EP 13.3 equips to (nearly) official. Lacking support for 1 or 2 bonus script in the source.
      • *Updated all FAW monsters settings to official.
        -Skills still needs to be worked on.
        -Updated test elemental spirit entry to be more official.
      • *Updated all elemental spirits offensive skills ratio's to official.
      • *Added support for the ALL_CATCRY and ALL_DREAM_SUMMERNIGHT.
        -The items that give these skills can be found at the bottom in item_db2.
      • *Major update to the skill_cast_db.
        -Some skills have a 100% fixed cast time and is added to the skill_castnodex_db.
        -Also added some settings for other skills.

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    • Leider hatte ich ne Weile recht wenig Zeit, hier die letzten Changes:

      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 621
      • *Some random updates on item & monster dbs.
        -Added some missing item drops.
        -Added missing item-combo-scripts to RWC accessories.
      • *Updated effect_list document, added propper skill names.
      • *Updated Merchant, Mage and Wizard Job Quests to fix some issues.
        -Thanks to rAthena.
      • *Added support for official GM NPCs.
        -Now we can use them, but most of them are disabled inside their scripts for now.
        -Thanks to rAthena.

      Spoiler-Alarm -> Sobald ich das Battleground Queue Feature (an dem ich zur Zeit arbeite) abgeschlossen habe, werden die Weichen auf einen neueren Clienten (erneut) gestellt =)

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    • Wieder einmal ein paar changes:

      • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 629
      • *Some updates & fixes in ItemDB.
        -mooved some stable items to item_db.
      • *Some Rebellion related updates.
        -The jobs are not aviable right now. I added this stuff only to do some testing for my life-server.
        -Added Rebellion Shops.
        -Added missing Rebellion-related items.
      • *Minor cleanups.
      • *SR_RIDEINLIGHTNING damage bonus on Wind elemental weapon adjusted to official value.
      • *Reflect damage should no longer bypass nonshootable mapcells.
      • *Leech End's cast interrupt no longer bypass phen.
      • *Hells Plant disappear when a friendly unit steps on it.

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    • 2015 ragexeRE client testing...
      • screen15-3athena113.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena114.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena115.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena116.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena117.jpg

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    • Und da haben wir (endlich) RODEX, das neue Mailsystem:
      • screen15-3athena119.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena120.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena121.jpg

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      • screen15-3athena122.jpg

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    • Da wie ihr ja wisst ein ziemlich aufwändiger Umzug bei Nyan und mir ansteht, gibt es auch hier im Moment nicht viel neues.

      Hier mal die Changes des letzten (recht keinen) Updates:

      • *Added project files for Visual Studio 2013 (vs12)
      • *Did some fixing in Old Glastheim instance.
      • *Some misc updating in monster databases.

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