Adoption System

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The Adoption System is the process of becoming a Baby class by being adopted by a married couple. Becoming a Baby requires the adoptee to be a First Class or Novice and the parents must be both level 70 or higher.

How to Adopt

  1. Have a male and female become married.
  2. Invite the character that is to become adopted into the party.
    • Note: Parents must have their wedding rings equipped.
  3. One of the parents must right click the child-to-be and select "Adopt <name>". Said character will be prompted if they want to be adopted by you - if they click OK, they will become the parents' child.
    • Note: Parents can only adopt one character.


Adopted characters and their parents gain access to new skills.

Skills for Adoptees

Skills for Parents

Benefits of being Adopted

  • The child will be able to share with either (or both) of their Parents at any given level, as long as the Parents are both 70+. This makes leeching from 1/1 to 150/50 possible. All members of the family must be on the same map to set party share.
  • The child is now Size Small. This renders Skel Worker Cards ineffective in PvP against child characters, as the only aspect of it that will affect them is the +5 ATK per card.
  • Since the child is Small sized, the Knight skill Pierce will only do 1 hit.

Limitations of being Adopted

  • Child's HP and SP are only 75% of Max HP and Max SP.
  • Adopted characters cannot increase a stat past 80 base or 108 base if 3rd job.
    • Any stats over 80 will be converted to raw status points upon adoption.
  • Carrying capacity of adopted characters are lowered by 1200 compared to a normal character.
  • Adopted characters cannot Rebirth/Transcend (but can change to their respective Third Class upon reaching 99/50, missing out on Transcendent skills and the additional status points)
  • Adopted Blacksmiths' and Alchemists' Forge and Brewing skills rates are decreased by 50%.


  • Once adopted, a baby character cannot be adopted again if one or both parents are deleted, or the adoption is removed.
  • Parents may be able to adopt again if the adoption is removed (see below).