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  • So meine Lieben, wie ihr seht habe ich heute viel im Forum aktualisiert :ok: Mal die Zeit genutzt, die man hatte

  • Event Monster kommen auch noch wir haben eine kleine Verzögerung

  • Umfrage im Mom & Dad Event bis 18.05 :no1:

  • Uff, kleine Nord-Süd-Schwäche beim Blackmarket ~

  • changed :heh:

  • danke ^^

  • Habe die Frisur geändert und Client ist abgestürzt. Jetzt stürzt der Client bei jedem Login mit diesem Account ab.

  • Mit GustavGans

  • Hm es war wohl nicht nur GustavGans sondern auch DagobertDuck

  • Geht es wieder? Hast du die Styles übers CP zurück gesetzt? ^^

  • achjaaaaa genau! lol

  • Seit wann haben Yggdrasil Berrys nen Cooldown? ^^° Das killt einen in lHZ 4, wtf?

  • hahaha :D oh man die Szene... *klop klop* -> *2 Seconds left until you can use* Danke für die Info da wäre ich ähnlich reingelaufen

  • Ist ja wieder aus ^^" rAthena hat interessanterweise auch unter pre-re delays da drin, aber ich find so gar nichts dazu ^^

  • Puh bin ich beruhigt dass das nicht bleibt xD in LHZ 4 muss man manchmal Berrys spammen wenn man überleben will :D

  • Ich kenn das nur so dass die Berrys ne nDelay haben xD hab gar nicht gewusst, dass das vorher anders war :D

  • Ranger kaputt :((

  • rhVUJvJgxnw

  • Darf leider keine Links senden ^^

    also das einfach hinter die youtube url

  • Mainserver:

    • Quest System Update
      -Added support for the new quests that grant item drops from mobs.
    • Fixed an issue where expired rental items are not deleted.
    • Implemented new adoption methods
      -Implemented atcommand adopt.
      -Implemented script command adopt.
      -Circumvents adoption issues with 2013-08+ clients.
      --the client sided adoption is currently broken for these clients.
    • strnpcinfo and getiteminfo/setiteminfo now support constants. (strcharinfo does as well, forgot to mention it...)
      -These are easier to read and since it's not a big thing, why not? ^^
    • Added support for user count colorization on login window (requires PACKETVER >= 20170726).
      -This will be required for one of the next client changes.
    • Added 2010 Headgear Quests.
    • Fixed some wrong constant usages in instances.
    • Fixed some wrong quest checks.
    • Questlog fixes for these quests:
      -Lost Child
      -Muff's Loan
      -Peace For Arunafeltz
    • Fixed some bugs in El Dicastes quests.
    • Corrected some NPC facing directions
    • Added Somotology Laboratory F4 quest & Wolfchev's Laboratory Instance.
      -Updated quest_db with Somotology Laboratory F4 entries.
    • Update/moro vol npcs
      -Updated npcs from ep 14.3 (official conversion)
      -added hero ring exchanger and enchant npcs
      --Some texts and system are customs
    • Changes in Brasilis
      -removed Leablem & Seiyablem
      -changed positions of Command Manager, Reset Girl, Platinum Skill NPC & Rental NPC
      -more will be changed later...
    • Added Ninja Weapon and Armor Craftman NPC's.
      -Added missing Ninja Fuuma Shurikens.
    • Corrected some translation/text encoding issues in scripts.
    • Removed use of 'menu' from official (non-custom) scripts
      -Some scripts were partly refactored/rewritten to use a more modern coding style (and to fix some issues)
    • Optimization of Hugel's "Monster Race" script, 4000+ lines removed.
      -fixed some issues in Dual Race.
    • Fixed an issue in the Eden Tutorial script "Tutorial Goal", where ITEMINFO_ATK was accidentally used instead of ITEMINFO_WEIGHT.
    • Some other misc. cleaning of script files.
    • Removed the usage of command goto from some npc scripts.
    • Added missing Rare Diamond Merchants.
    • Sanitize handling of the input() values.
      -avoid potential hacks for old scripts that use `input()` script commands.
    • Added Cathline (Silvervine Fruit exchanger)
    • Finally moved the market check in Brasilis 3 cells down.
    • Added base entries for new pets; bonuses are currently not properly implemented.
    • Fixed Costume Red Bunny Band effect.


    • Added the Visual Studio 2015 Solution.
      -This allows use of the Visual Studio 2015 program for source code compiling.
    • Regen rate adjusting for natural HP/SP recovery through status's and skills is updated to support adjustments in multiples of 1%.
      -Why this was done in multiples of 100% before is just....ugh.
    • Updated the "useskill" command to check if the player has a elemental when casting a skill from their skill range. If one exists, it will cast the skill instead of the player.
      This check is also added for mercenarys and their skills.
    • Reduced the amount of code used for some autocasting status's.
      -Aftercast delay is now properly triggered on autocast.
    • Changed private db arena costs to 600.000 zeny.
    • Moved some NPCs in Izlude.
  • 15peaces

    Closed the thread.