• Auch, wenn ich es vom Design bescheiden finde, hab ich die Shoutbox nun doch umgedreht... So ist wenigstens immer die aktuellste Nachricht ohne scrollen gleich sichtbar ^^"

  • 4. Türchen: ich schaff es pünktlich :)

  • Es scheint sich so durchzuziehen würde ich sagen

  • Also liegts doch an irgendwas im LHZ 4? ^^"

  • tatsächlich nix, stand aber wieder in LHZ4. Bin dort rum teleportiert, als nichts mehr ging stand ich gerade am Eingang rum, weit weg vom Boss (Champ)

  • Ja hast du wohl... Was hast du getan? ^^"

  • ich glaub ich habs wieder kaputt gemacht :(

  • Läuft wieder... diesmal wieder kein Crash, sondern einfach nicht erreichbar... kA was das nun wieder ist <.<

  • server wieder nicht erreichbar

  • Diesmal ist er tatsächlich gecrashed... Urasache nicht bekannt...

  • Komme gerade nicht auf den Server. diesmal war ich es aber nicht ^^

  • Ich war beim Fehler wieder in LHZ4, diesmal war der Paladin der Boss dort und ich mit Genetic drin. Hab ihn aber nur zum Eingang locken wollen, habe keine Skills benutzt. Es muss irgendwas an den Monstern dort sein.

  • oder so xD

  • Down ist das falsche wort, der mapserver hat nur aus irgend einem grund wieder nicht reagiert ^^"

  • nope. ist down

  • Ist der Server nur bei mir gerade nicht erreichbar oder bei euch auch?

  • Mist :D

  • Nächstes Jahr 8o

  • damn xD wie komm ich denn jetzt an die PETs haha ^^

  • Ja, ist leider ausgefallen... ^^"

  • ausgefallen*

  • Ist das Sommer Event dieses Jahr eigentlich aufgefallen? Ich hab keine PET Bottles mehr xD

  • main town is brasilis :)

  • Guest#2b43


  • then usually our players come out of their holes :D

  • Mainserver:

    • Fixed ZC_GUILD_INFO3 packet
      -This fixes the territory display.
    • Server shutdown and @cleanmap / @cleanarea are now all faster.
      -Instead of wasting time doing a dbmap lookup (of a data it already possessed!) on each floor item being deleted, it'll use the data to clean the item.
    • Some more internal database fixes and optimations.
      -Enabled DB_OPT_RELEASE_DATA for several DBMaps to simplify data freeing.
      -Fixed va_list being reused in DBMap code (linkdb_foreach()).
      -replaced DBIterator function calls with macros wherepossible.
      -Fixed Nick DB code using uninitialized data.
    • Some misc. cleaning & fixing.
      -Some code cleanup (npc (timer)event labels).
      -Fixed a little leftover in socket_enchant2.txt.
      -Optimized some statuses.
      -Fixed walk-delay bug when a player is attacked in disguise causing inaccurate client position.
      -Some fixing related to manner status.
      -Fixed some memory leaks & crashes on server-shutdown.
    • Rewrote/updated the SC_COMBO logic.
      -Got rid of remainig state.combo usages and added usage of PACKET_ZC_SKILLINFO_UPDATE2 to report skill inf changes.
      -This should also fix some issues with the combo skills.
    • Added @showzeny tracking to pc_payzeny so that it's messages are more consistent when zeny is earned/reduced.
    • `clif_displaymessage` is now capable of displaying multiline messages.
    • pc_resetstate will now also reset the TK_MISSION target mob.
    • Fixed @allskill setting skill ids too late.
    • Some script fixes.
      -Added missing warp to iz_dun05.
      -Fixed Siblings Quest exploits and made it more official.
    • Fixed @duel problem with Kaizel.
    • Fixed all sniper traps (except ankle snare) from working on their owner.
    • (AoE) skills now continue to trigger even if character is dead, official behavior.
    • Updated Emperium to not can be healed by any skills.
    • Fixed some (ancient) MvP bugs/exploits
      -When mvp drops are at 100% drop rate it'll no longer always drop the first.
      -MvP monsters no longer can target play dead characters.
      -It has been confirmed on official servers that MvP mobs have no dmotion even without endure.
    • Songs no longer dispell on death.
    • Fixed Divest status changes not loading properly on login with `debuff_on_logout: 0`
    • Status change packet cleanup
      -replaced duplicate function clif_status_load with a macro
      -put some checks that were previously in multiple places into clif_status_change
      -packets are now used as they are on official servers:
      --ZC_MSG_STATE_CHANGE for ending statuses and starting them on non-pcs
      --ZC_MSG_STATE_CHANGE2 for starting *all* statuses on players
      --tick = 9999 for statuses of indeterminate duration
      --for non-pc units, a packet is only sent if it has a visual impact on the client; if you notice any missing visual effects, please report them!
      -fixed status end packet never being sent for non-pc, non-mercenary units
      -removed hard-coded status length exceptions in clif_status_change
    • Some item database updates.
      -Enabled & fixed some headgears.
      -Fixed Mysterious_Powder item type & effect.
      -Added full support for 2 new item_trade.txt flags:
      --Item can't be attached to mail
      --Item can't be auctioned
      -nodrop/notrade flags no longer share no mail and no auction flags
      -added some missing item trade flags and updated others.
      -Fixed Pile Bunkers (ID:1549) job requirements.
      -Fixed some arrow recipes.
      -Fixed Sky Deleter Card (and similar items) not healing when killing a monster when in Berserk status.
      -Fixed Eddga Card, it should give 1 MDEF (instead of 0).
    • Fixed holy and shadow elemental scrolls from dispelling on death.
    • Some monster database updates.
      -Added Bradium Golem to mob_race2_db.txt.
      -Fixed some wrong monster drops & chances.
      -Fixed Garms iRO name.
      -Fixed calculation order.
      -The damage needs to be calculated before the hp reduction.
      -Affected mobs will now follow caster during effect.
    • SL_SWOO
      -Fixed the visual effect not going off after duration is gone.
    • SL_HIGH
      -Stat increases no longer stack with any other status changes.
  • 15peaces September 16, 2023 at 4:52 PM

    Closed the thread.

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